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Synthesis of the atomic course

Synthesis of the atomic course

I. Atomic Physics

By Prof. A.A. Soliman, Physics
department of Women College for art, Science, and education of Ain Shams

Prerequisite Course or Knowledge

Before you start this Course, you are
expected to be familiar with pre-university calculus, geometry and to have done
General Physics Courses 1 & 2, [codes, phy.101 &102].


III. Time

You are expected to spend 2 Credit hrs.
Lecture + 1 Credit hr. Practical.
/ week, all 14 weeks long
on this course [session interval]. You
should share the time
allocation such that Learning Activities. This works out to be 10 weeks for Atomic Models, Spectra and Structure, 2 weeks for X-Rays, and 2
weeks for Laser Chapter's.


IV. Material

The following list identifies and
describes the equipment necessary for all the activities in this course. The
quantities listed are required for each group.

1. Computer (With Internet Access): - A personal computer with word processing and spreadsheet

2. Periodic Table of Elements: -

3. prepared course notes for each student -


V. Course Rationale

Atomic physics may loosely be defined
as the scientific study of the structure of the atom, its energy states, and
its interactions with other particles and fields. Learning Atomic Physics is
important not only for understanding the physics of the atom but also the
technological applications thereof. For example, the fact that each element has
its own characteristic “fingerprint” spectrum has contributed significantly to
advances in material science and in cosmology.



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