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Virtual Labs Platform

by eLearning Center -

السادة اعضاء هيئة التدريس و طلابنا الاعزاء

تم اضافة تجارب عملية افتراضية 3D Virtual Lab Simulations فى كورس مخصص على Moodle

برجاء استخدام الpdf guide فى اللينك المرفق لمعرفة خطوات الدخول على الكورس

ملحوظة: يرجى تجربة التجارب العملية الافتراضية على اى متصفح web browser من اى كمبيوتر او لاب توب فقط

Dear staff members and students

A new course on Moodle has been added and enriched with 3D Virtual Lab Simulations

Please download the PDF guide attached in the link below to help you in accessing Virtual Labs course on Moodle

PS: please not that the 3D virtual lab simulations is optimized for access via any computer or laptop web browser only.

Students` data on UMS

by Faculty Administration -

In order to ensure the correctness of student data on the university platform UMS
All students must review their personal data on the platform UMS, and in case of modification, the modification can be requested through the platform UMS.
The possibility to request a modification through the platform UMS will be closed on December 31, 2022
Important Notes:
1. You must enter the official email ending with in order to be able to reset the password of your UMS account through the "Can't Remember Your Password" service located on the login page on the platform UMS.
2. Upload a valid and clear personal photo to be used when requesting the issuance of certificates.

The following link contains a video explaining the steps for requesting data modificationعديل-بيانات-الطلاب-على-منصة-الجامعة-ums/

For any inquiries refer to students affairs administration

Introductory seminar by Microsoft company about Office 365 tools:

by Faculty Administration -

Considering the ongoing strategic partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Microsoft Company, the company provides orientation session to faculty members and students to explain various applications of Office 365 and how to benefit from them in academic study.

This introductory seminar will be on Sunday November 13th, 6:00 PM.

The introductory seminars are accessed with university e-mail via the following link:


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