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إدراج حولية آداب عين شمس ضمن الكشاف العربي للاستشهادات المرجعية ARCI

by Dr/Ahmed Saber -

Daraj Journal of Ain Shams Literature within the Arab Index of Citations ARCI

Written by: Maryam Yacout

Prof. Dr. Hanan Kamel Metwally, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University, announced the selection of the Faculty's Refereed Scientific Yearbook, which is issued by the Graduate Studies and Research Sector, to be included in the Arab Scout for Citations ARCI.

This is under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Saleh, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.

Prof. Dr. Hanan Kamel also thanked the journal's editorial board for all the efforts made in order for the journal to obtain the distinguished scientific status in the field of international publishing.

Prof. Dr. Sherine Mazloum, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Editor-in-Chief of the journal, expressed her happiness with this choice, which is the culmination of the efforts made by the editorial board of the journal in producing the journal’s issues in the appropriate manner that he expressed in order to reach these classifications. It is worth noting that the Annals of the College of Arts are available on Knowledge Bank and listed within the Arcif Citation Labs,

This inclusion on the Arab Scout website for reference citations allows researchers from all countries to access the magazine's articles through the site.

It is worth noting that the Annals of the College is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that allows Egyptian and expatriate master's and doctoral students to publish scientific research and promotion research in Arabic, English and French after being arbitrated by specialized scientific committees.

Therefore, Prof. Dr. Sherine Mazloum invites all researchers to follow the Annals website to learn about the terms of electronic publishing in the journal, which is as follows:

As well as to see the numbers of annuals and their various research.

(Edited by Dr/Ahmed Saber - original submission Friday, 16 December 2022, 7:26PM) 

Attachment 314124821_693413338814679_5681741542420417662_n.jpg

انتهاء فعاليات ورشة عمل اختبار الأيلتس بكلية الآداب بالتعاون مع مكتب رعاية المبعوثين والمجلس الثقافي البريطاني

by Admin User -

قام قطاع الدراسات العليا والبحوث بكلية الآداب تحت إشراف وكيلة الكلية للدراسات العليا والبحوث أ.د/ شيرين مظلوم بتنظيم ورشة اختبار الأيلتس بقاعة المؤتمرات الكبري بكلية الآداب بالتعاون مع مكتب  رعاية المبعوثين والمجلس الثقافي البريطاني.


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