Who We Are ?

Central eLearning unit- Education Strategy Administration
Ain shams university

Who We Are ?

Central eLearning unit- Education Strategy AdministrationAin shams university

About US


Achievement of leadership and distinction in the field of eLearning to ensure successful practices and educational development.


Setting the strategic plans of the e-learning system that aims at providing varied and distinguished educational tools in response to the growing demands of hybrid learning through the effective implementation of modern technologies in e-learning and distance education. Setting methods of monitoring and evaluation of the implemented system according to both national and international quality standards

Our Goals

To set the strategic plans of the e-learning system in Ain Shams University.

To implement educationally effective innovative technologies in e-learning and distance education.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the implemented system according to both national and international quality standards.

To build standardized administrative system to facilitate the application of e-learning and distance education systems.

To train human resources to be able to apply and develop e-learning systems and distance education.

Ensuring modern, integrated IT environment to meet the developments of e-learning and distance education.

Ensuring high quality of the provided distance education programs to meet the needs of the labor market.

To promote the culture and ethics of e-learning in Ain Shams University.

ASU E-learning and e-courses standards

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ASU E-learning and online sessions code of conduct

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Types and samples of produced educational videos

Innovation Tools

The university administration aims at pioneering in the field of using innovative tools in education. One of the main effective innovative tools is virtualization of workplace training settings. It aims at developing students’ skills and practice. Utilizing virtualization allow students and teachers to work anywhere on any device, thus improving flexibility and reducing organizational cost.

ASU Virtual microscopy platform

Microscopy, macroscopy, cytology provided by teacher annotations are essential learning guides in scientific and health sciences education. Supported by a list of interactive tools on the platform that enables the student to highly engage while learning.

Histopathological microscopic learning slides and high-resolution medical images are transferred directly to the students’ cell phones or laptops — with all zoom functions as with a real microscope. It offers lecturers the opportunity to upload additional learning materials to the platform: PDFs, images, audio sequences, text or table documents, or teaching videos.

Every student can digitally zoom and move histological slides and other medical images, just like on a real microscope. The cloud-based platform works on all browser-based devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, or PC/Mac at any time without any software installation.

microscopy platform

Virtual laboratories

Integration the interactive 3D virtual labs simulation applications with the e-learning system for students provide training on the steps of laboratory experiments in a virtual environment, which helps the student to practice the steps in the theoretically correct manner before the application in real labs setting, which in turn will lead to improving the performance of students and reducing the waste of time and resources.

Explanatory videos of some of the experiments available in the application

Extraction of RNADNA SimulationELISA Sandwich Simulation

Virtual patient platform

Simulation is an emerging as a new medical educational strategy that allows students to repeat a given scenario as many times as needed, make mistakes, learn, receive proper feedback and finally, improve their clinical reasoning skills required in clinical practice without compromising the safety of patients.

Training Strategy

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